Soundbar (ID-32172)


Hyper Sound patented technology
Hyper sound 5.1ch all in one home theater system is usingunique audio cavity structure design and loudspeakerphase control technology.
The delay delivery and reflection of sound to implementthe surround sound effect

5.1ch ture surround sound soundbar with HD connection
5.1ch surround sound.HDMI 1.4 version, 3D&4K ultraHD TV support.
Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless music streaming.

Built-in separate 6 channel amplifier real 5.1 surround sound & dolby prologicII,
5.1ch surround decoder
Ideal for use with LCD and Plasma TV
Front panel with piano painting
With 5.1ch/USB/AUX/HDx2/Optical/Coaxial input jack, HDx1 output
With Bluetooth 4.0 receiver
5.1ch volume control separately
With LED display and touch control
With 3D surround sound
With Sub audio out for active subwoofer
Full function remote control.
Frequency response:85Hz~20KHz (40Hz-250Hz for sub)
Power:RMS:150W (20Wx5+50W)
Driver unit:
(3"x2+1")x2(FR/FL) , 3"x2+1" (CEN) , (3"x2 )x2(SR/SL) , 5.25"x2(SUB)
Product size:1098x236x165mm

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